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The Creatively Maladjusted are active on a variety of important societal issues, including:

Changing the mental health system • Psychiatric profiling • Racial equality • Religious tolerance • Economic fairness • Peace • Ecological sustainability and energy security • Individual liberty • Transparent and corruption-free government • Community and family values

But they are united in their fight against the basis of all oppression: “man’s inhumanity to man.”


2015 ENDORSEMENTS (contact information included with permission)

Bill Gilstrap. What are YOU creatively maladjusted to? “My creative maladjustment concerns food and people of limited means. My thesis is that one can live abundantly while eating the healthiest food available on a very small budget. We demonstrate and serve inexpensive, easy to prepare, and healthy meals five days per week in three central Texas counties.” Your activities planned for the week? “See above!”


2014 ENDORSEMENTS (contact information included with permission)

Family Therapy Institute of Suffolk (NY) – (Email)

Sacred Creations ((618)792-2049 )

Metamorphosis Club of Durham (Email) – Phone: (919)383-6682  | What we’re maladjusted to: “We’re maladjusted to advance judgments based upon classifications, stereotypes, and characteristics. To this we eschew and abstain while we relish our nonconformity to prejudices.”

Shirley Davis (Email) – What I’m maladjusted to: “I believe in that most people are pretty nice no matter what their race, color or creed. I believe in equality in all things especially religion and sexual orientation. I am also in favor of the employment and equal treatment of those who live with a mental illness. I am one such person and I would like to help lead the way to more understanding of mental illnesses and the rights to respect and caring of all people everywhere in my region of the world.”



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If you like, we can list your planned activities for Creative Maladjustment Week here on our website so that other people in your area can find you and join the nonviolent revolution!

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